[heading style=”1″]DECKS[/heading] 15_Deckss

Every home needs a place were family and friends can enjoy some outdoor living. A fence adds privacy and security. A deck creates a place to sit and relax while barbequing or just enjoying some good company. A patio is a maintained free investment that will be appreciated for years to come.To plan your deck you need to consider all the choices available, filter them through your budget and come up with a number of decisions that will affect how your deck will look and perform.

Deck floor pattern choices are endless. Different deck frames support different patterns, so it is important to choose a floor pattern before building. By combining these basic patterns, a deck may be made as complex as you may wish.

We can make any changes to the deck design needed until the deck is just right for you. We then create a complete set of plans and specifications suitable for permit application from which the actual deck is built by our skilled and experienced craftsmen

[heading style=”1″]ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPES[/heading]

Building a new home, renovating an existing house, or carrying out a commercial or office space design is necessarily a challenging process with immeasurable satisfaction when carried out with thoughtful architectural knowledge and expertise. The landscape process begins with an in-depth consultation.

Our approach to design is based on a deep commitment to traditional architectural values, and a responsibility to environmental sustainability nurtured in indigenous knowledge.

Our design knowledge spans the integrity of all the important architectural styles, bringing the knowledge of classical and native heritage to bear whenever possible.

A team of trusted engineering consultants and design/build arrangements with excellent contractors brings a rigorous and comprehensive approach to creating environments harmoniously integrating architecture, landscape, and interiors. Carefully prepared construction documents, and knowledgeable counseling and facilitation in zoning, building code and construction issues takes much of the concern of carrying out your project in a timely way.