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In addition to fine craftsmanship, Casa One Building Group Inc. also offers custom designed wine cellars. We will construct a complete “climate controlled” room using the finest refrigeration and humidity control systems available. Numerous storage and display options are available including single and double deep racks. Many other unique features include testing tables and centers, custom etched glass entry doors, rolling ladders, and more. A limited lifetime warranty is offered on all racking systems.

We have designed and built many beautiful home wine rooms over the years. We work with you, and each wine cellar we build is unique and designed exactly to our clients’ specifications. No matter what your requirements are, we have a solution for you.

Generally, home wine cellars should be built in areas that are dark, well-ventilated, slightly humid and climate-controlled. Theoretically, we can build a home wine cellar in any room in the house, but there are specific areas that promise better wine storage, and will require less maintenance over time. In our initial consultation, these are all items we will look at with you.

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It’s like finding space under your own roof, that space that no one has given much thought to because it was just there. With a little ingenuity and imagination it can turn into something quite satisfying. Casa One finds design solutions that resonate deeply, so satisfying they never go out of style, since they were never based on anything that fleeting. Each project takes on its own ineluctable logic.

That is why we welcome the opportunity to be on your team and manage your basement renovation. You expect the contractor handling your basement remodeling project to deliver thorough design, professional communication, budget control, on-time completion and high-quality results.

So whether your basement is unfinished, all “decked out,” or anything in between, we will guide you through the process of making your dream basement an extension of how you live and how you want to live.